What is the difference between an analog mixer and a digital mixer?

How do analog mixer and digital mixers differ?

Digital mixers are growing in popularity. Many people are not aware of what tends to differentiate these modern mixers with the analog ones. Thus, it is worth examining the striking differences between these types of mixers. When settling for a sound system, a mixer becomes an essential component. Your choice of the mixer will determine the sound you will enjoy. Mixers serve to give you the sound quality you want and send them to the various musical devices. There is a process involved while converting these sounds from each digital mixer. The most common types of Yamaha mixers are the analog and the digital ones.

A look at how an analog mixer works

In an analog mixer, the process begins with simple input. When you speak, your sound is captured by the microphone, travels through the wire connections to the analog mixer. Ths mixer converts it into an analog signal. By the use of analog technology, the signal is manipulated up to when you achieve the level of the sound you want. Afterwards, it is transmitted to the speaker. The whole process takes place at the speed of the light hence no delay.


How a digital mixer works

When the speaker speaks, the sound is converted into an analog signal. It is then transmitted to the mixer which converts it to a digital signal. The digital signal is modified using complicated software to the desired output. The signal is transmitted to the speakers in a speed of lighting. In this process, there is no need for having knobs since the technology and the software used can do all this.

Major differences between the two


Perhaps this is one of the most visible differences between the two mixers using different technologies. As expected, a digital one is more expensive compared to the analog one. This is because it comes with a lot of additional features. Some of the extra features include compressors, graphics, and fx which are on each channel.
Additionally, it is more flashy and appealing. These are the modifications which contribute to this extra costs. However, from an economic point of view, if you take these features and add them to the analog one, the mixer seems to be reasonably priced. When you combine this with the ease of use and the ability to give more appealing sounds, it is an excellent option to settle for. However if one does not have the funds required to purchase this mixer, then he or she can settle for the analog as the person waits to buy the digital one.

Ease of use

This is another compelling difference between these two mixers. Generally, analog mixers are a bit easier to use. As such, they can be used by a beginner and a professional with relative ease. There are no many buttons and instructions to follow. That becomes easy for a person who has an idea what an analog mixer looks like.
On the other hand, the digital ones are a bit complicated to use even for the beginners. Moreover, there are many varieties of the mixers. These mixers have multifunction buttons which can confuse the user. This means that you have to spend a lot of time trying to learn about this mixer. Perhaps this can be used to explain why there are not widely used. To solve this challenge, various manufacturers have freelance engineers whose primary role is to visit multiple users and assist them in operating these devices.


Sound quality

The digital one has a better sound quality compared to their analog counterparts. They resist the surrounding noises. They have the capacity of transmitting signals digitally hence suffer minimally for noise interference. They can transmit sound over longer distances. Since analog mixers do not have digital transmission capability, they are easily affected by noise from the surroundings. As such they tend to be ineffective especially in noisy places hence interfering with the quality of the sound they give.


The digital ones carry the day when comes to flexibility. You user can pre-program and play around with the settings to suit your operations. However, this feature is not available with the analog mixers. This makes digital ones to be very convenient especially in instances which require different noises. Also, it is easy for the use of the digital device to correct mistakes as soon as they occur. You can edit things you do want and move on promptly. Also, the digital device can be configured to meet your unique needs. The design is also compact which makes it easy for you to carry it around. On the other hand, analog mixers do not have this capacity which calls for the users to be more attentive when operating them.


This is an essential factor. However, many people tend to overlook it. Mixers, just like any other electronic devices require repairs. However, it is difficult to find spare parts for analog mixers which were released to the market more than two decades ago. For the digital ones, most of them are barely ten years old. Thus it is easy for you to find their spare parts. Regarding reliability, it is advisable to settle for a digital one since you can easily find the after-sales service. Additionally, many technicians can assist you in this process.


You cannot ignore the issue of memory when you are comparing the two. The analog console has limited memory. However, when it comes to the digital one, the memory is much bigger. One is in a position to record close to fifty shows depending on the model of the mixer.

Having looked at the various key differences between the two types of mixers, the choice is left to the user. You can settle for the one which assists you to achieve your sound goals. Every mixer has its own merits and disadvantages. However, for you to keep in touch with the current times, it is good to acquire a digital mixer like that from Yamaha. It is expensive, but it serves the purpose.

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A guide on buying birthday flowers

It’s always a great idea to send flowers to someone! So you let him know that you are thinking of him or her and that, especially, for his anniversary. Different flowers symbolise different ideologies; each month is related to a different flower this signifies a change of season, a sign of the zodiac or a mythological deity, every local florist has its own collection of flowers for each month of the year. The practice of using flowers to convey different emotions started during the Victorian times when speaking about feeling was a taboo.

Some floras served to deliver information discreetly. Discover without delay the best flowers to offer in accordance to the birthdate recipient! We are all waiting for our birthday to get unique and useful gifts; most of the gifts we receive may be so, but we neglect the importance of flowers in our lives if we decide to send a bunch of flowers on this occasion.

You will find a range of preferences that correspond to each month of the year. Here is a simple guide to the kinds of flowers you can count on if an individual would want to send a flower bouquet to someone on their birthday according to the birthdate.

1. January

This month’s flower is the Fragrant Carnation, also known as Dianthus, the Sweet William, and the Pink and the Spiny.
Available in full rainbow colours and different sizes, the clove flower is also recognised for its delicate petals and fragrant aromas, and it is thought as a long-lasting flower. If an individual may wish to offer a bouquet for your mother on her birthday, choose a bouquet of pink carnations to be considered one of the most common flowers in the world in traditional ways, including emotions of love and gratitude to the mother.
The red carnation is a figure of romance and love, and your choice of this colour will be appropriate if an individual may wish to offer it to someone who has feelings of respect and admiration. In cases of love, choose the dark red colour for the pink carnation in yellow; But in the Victorian era (Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom – British) it was considered a symbol of someone’s disappointment. The white colour of this flower symbolises innocent love, which allows you to choose the closest friend in your life.
It is also a gift for women’s good luck.

2. February

Despite the coldness of this month and the harsh weather in it, Valentine’s Day makes it one of the most romantic months of the year, the most appropriate flower for a gift during this month; Iris flower or Iris, which symbolises the Greek goddess Iris the goddess of love.

Greek mythology reported that the goddess Iris used the bouquet of iris flowers in all her journeys to deliver messages of love. Moreover, this flower signifies wisdom and hope. It may look stylish and appropriate for you to offer to those close to you in your life who were born this month. Where the symbolic meaning of this flower comes about its colours; violet indicates wisdom and praise, blue colour means hope; yellow iris is nominated in cases of love and adoration, while white symbolises purity.

3. March

Yellow daffodils point to the end of winter and the beginning of warm days. This flower symbolises friendship, respect, humility and sincerity. It is characterised by its beautiful fragrant aroma, the most common colour is yellow, but a group of daffodils can be found in other colours such as orange, pink and green as well.
In Victorian times, it was forbidden to use this flower to express love; it was only a representation of happiness and friendship, and it had another connotation used to label someone an angel.

4. April

This month’s flower is a daisy flower that symbolises childhood innocence, joy and simplicity; making it an excellent choice to make in the spring. The most famous species are Shasta Daisy, African Daisy and Gerbera Daisy, with white and snowy white chassis. African colours vary in white, orange, yellow and apricot. Chrysanthemum is also the most prevalent in its various colours, such as pink, yellow, white, orange, cream, red, and purple. There are also flowers that come with their petals in different colours, this flower symbolised in the Victorian era of loyalty and trust.
There is also a story in the Roman mythology: A fairy called Beside has turned itself into a dagger to escape the attention of a Roman goddess, which has added to the gist of innocence and humility of the Chrysanthemum because of this story.

5. May

At this spell of year, the spring flowers have stretched to their climax to fill the world with their bright colours and fragrant aromas. One of the most attractive of these flowers is the Lily of the Valley and is the approved flower of the month.

6. June

The most suitable flower for this time of the year is the Joury and is considered one of the most common flowers around the world, although it symbolises love and appreciation the colours of her petals have different meanings. It was used in the Victorian era when speaking to others was forbidden on feelings to convey specific messages and emotions to the other person. So the red flower was used to show love and romance, and pink to express admiration. The dark pink was used for appreciation and gratitude, and the light pink jori was used to represent innocence.
White and yellow flowers symbolise friendship; orange blossoms symbolise passion, and the black colour of this flower signifies farewell or death.

7. July

This month’s pick is the flower of the dolphin or Larkspur, which symbolises the joyful summer days and the feeling of fun and pleasure blooms in the early spring and lasts until late summer. At the time of Shakespeare, Lark’s Heel, Lark’s Claw and Knights Spur, the flower was favourite in the Victorian era.
It symbolises the open heart that is accompanied by strong romantic feelings, and the white flowers of the flower are a joy and luck; purple is a sign of first love.

8. August

The lily flower of the sword is the particular flower of this month of the year, called the lily of the sword because of its pointed leaves and long legs. There are 225 species of this flower with hybrid varieties. It was usually associated with wrestlers, so it was often a sign of strength, sincerity and moral integrity, despite the figure of its sword-like leaves, but it is capable of piercing one’s heart with its beauty.

9. September

Aster or Aster flowers are distinctive for their abundance, with a wide variety of colours including red, white, orange, pink and purple; which is accessible for coordinating a range of bouquets. Starflowers are associated with the qualities of faith, wisdom and courage. The most popular colour used for this flower is the purple colour that represents these qualities. It was also used to refer to kings. By giving you a bouquet of purple star flowers to someone who has feelings of love you will feel like a king. The white star is also linked with innocence and perfection and is also suitable for graduation parties.

10. October

This month’s flower is a vibrant plush flower; its various colours are the white, gold, yellow and orange colour which has the highest popularity among them. There are two kinds of marigold, the plush and the azure, and the difference between them is that the Nazarenes are an edible plant; it is also useful for treating minor wounds. The plush flower was used with its old leaves in England to treat plague and was a representation of warmth. In some Asian countries, wreaths are used to beautify religious statues, during funerals and wedding ceremonies, as well as in Mexico and during the annual ceremony identified as Dia De Los Muertos. Wreaths were used to beautify the graves, and the orange colour symbolises the sun and light.

11. November

Chrysanthemums are the flower of the month; it expresses positivity and happiness. Chrysanthemum flower is the authorised flower of Chicago; it also symbolises greatness in China.

12. December

Narcissus is the flower of select for the month, in Greek mythology Narcissus story explaining the source of the word “narcissism”; Narsis was a young and famous fisherman with his charming appeal. His enemies saw this young man’s pride in his acts against those they loved, as a second Greek legend says that Per Sifoni died while cutting up the Narcissus flower. It was considered a figure of death and loss; it is a sign of vanity in the West, but an emblem of good fortune in the East. In the Kurdish culture, the national flower is the symbol of the feast of Neroz, and the most popular colours: Indigo, green and blue.
Despite the stories and legends around her, the flower of Narcissus dominates her beauty to represent a gift for the birthday of a person born during the last month of the calendar year.

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This is Why Custom Corrugated Cardboard Boxes are The Best

Whether you are in the process of moving to a new place or you are sending some items for shipment, using custom corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons can benefit you in many ways. These boxes are sturdy and could stand up to the repeated bumps and impacts during the process of moving and shipping. Thus, your items will be fully protected against damages.

Custom corrugated boxes are a lightweight and cost-effective way to pack things. If you’re moving to a new home or to a new office building and you have some bulky items that are too fragile to be packed in a typical moving box, then the custom corrugated boxes would be the best solution. Read on to find out more reasons why these boxes are truly the best choice.

Right Size Packaging

When packing items to be moved or shipped, it’s important that you store them in boxes that have the most appropriate size. Using boxes that are too large for the items may require the need to include packaging materials to keep the contents from shifting and moving during transportation, which could potentially damage them. Using additional packaging materials could cost you more money and is not environment-friendly. Also, even if you’re using packaging materials, there’s still a possibility that the items inside the box could get damaged due to the constant movement.

On the other hand, using boxes that are too small for your items is obviously not a good idea. If you force the stuff into a small box, it could eventually explode during the process of moving. Custom corrugated boxes are made according to the specific size and shape of the items that you plan on storing inside. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your items will be safe during transportation and shipment.

Save Money on Shipping

If you’re going to use the box to ship items, then you can benefit from the fact that almost all major freight carriers nowadays are using dimensional weight pricing. Also known as volumetric weight, this pricing method would charge more if you’re going to ship items in larger boxes.

By storing the items in boxes that are most suitable to their size, you would be able to save more money on the shipping cost. Custom corrugated boxes may cost you more money, but it’s going to save you more money in the cost of shipping. Remember that most of the freight carriers and package delivery companies in Australia are now applying the volumetric weight for shipping charges and delivery fees.

Lightweight and Convenient

The process of moving to a new place is stressful in itself. You can make the process less stressful and hassle-free by using custom corrugated boxes in packing your stuff. These boxes are sized accordingly so you won’t have to worry about not fitting all your items into the box.

The boxes are also very lightweight so it will be easy and convenient to carry your stuff around during the process of moving. Because of the convenience that it comes with, you may not have to hire people to carry the boxes for you, which will save you money in the process.


Enhanced Value Among Retailers

If you are a retailer and you plan on using the custom boxes to ship items to your consumers, you can benefit from the fact that these custom made boxes can create a positive impression on your consumers. These boxes are well designed and visually appealing, providing valuable support to your branding efforts while enhancing value on your products and services.

In this day and age of the social media, the last thing you want is to receive a negative feedback or complaint from your customers because of bad packaging. Using custom corrugated boxes in packing your items is one way to build a good reputation on the World Wide Web and encourage customer loyalty.

Easy Labelling

When using the boxes to move to a new place, it’s absolutely important that you label them properly. That way, you will know what items are kept inside each box. Labelling is also beneficial if you are hiring a moving company because movers need to know where these boxes are to be placed in your new place.

One of the benefits of investing in custom corrugated cardboard boxes is that you will have an option to have a list of items printed on the outside. The boxes are also easy to write on since they are usually blank, unlike if you use recycled boxes in packing your stuff. You also have the option to have the boxes printed in different colours, which makes it easier for you to identify what items are kept inside each box through colour coding.

Keeps your Items Safe and Secure

From the name itself, the custom corrugated boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. The corrugated design enhances the protection that the boxes can give to the items. Because of this, you no longer need to add any other materials as cushioning. The boxes are made from durable cardboard that could withstand the constant movement during transportation.

Advertising at No Added Cost

You are free to decide on whatever design you want for your custom corrugated boxes. If you are a retail company and you’re using the boxes to ship items to your consumers, you can have the box printed with your logo along with marketing messages designed to catch the attention of your target consumers. This opportunity can greatly enhance your marketing efforts without spending more money on advertising.


The custom corrugated boxes are made from cardboard materials that are biodegradable and environment-friendly. They are completely recyclable and were produced in an energy-efficient environment. Therefore, if you’re going to use these boxes, you are somehow making an effort to help save the environment.

By investing in custom corrugated cardboard boxes, you can enjoy all the benefits stated above. What’s more, these custom made boxes are available at affordable prices and you can even get discounts if you will order them in bulk. So whether you’re moving to a new place soon or sending out some items for shipment, these boxes are certainly a great choice!

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Custom Design Lights Are Paving Our Way

For many years, lighting for homes and businesses was never taken seriously. Everything was perfectly fine as long as they had functional lamps and fixtures and lamps that blended with the environment.
Today, people have understood that lighting is not just about illuminating a room, but it also goes a long way in adding a great sense of personality within a room. Innovations in the lighting industry have led to the development of custom design lights, whose functions go beyond creating convenience and comfort.
They are geared towards conserving energy, while literary changing the way a home or business premises function. This is one development that has made this industry one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern market. You can also come out with your own design, and Silicon LED Crystal Lighting will build them according to your requests.

The benefits of custom design lights – what is making them larger than life?

Of course, you know that any form of lighting comes in handy with the following benefits;

  • Convenience
  • Safety
  • Comfort

Well, for a lighting solution that is thought to pave the way for the future, it should come with better technologies that present more benefits. Here are some additional advantages you will get when you decide to use custom design lights for your home or business;

1. They help set the ambience

Imagine a lighting solution that will set the mood. One that will create an atmosphere that is conducive for you to do something so that you can achieve particular objectives. As their name suggests, custom design lights are specially crafted to fit your unique needs. With them, you can illuminate specific areas of a room depending on what you want to achieve; thus eliminating the need to control lamps by jumping from a switch to switch. In other instances, you may need to turn lights high up or dim them to set a particular tone. These lights will help you attain this goal.

2. They enhance curb appeal

Custom design lights present a blend of high-tech fixtures and controls that can convert a typical room into a charming art piece. Whether you want to brighten a room or add a perceived sense of beautiful architectural details, these lights are your ideal choice.
There are those features in your home or business that you want people to see, and they cannot be visible without proper lighting. All you need are custom design lights which will accentuate them, regardless of their size or where they are located.

3. They save energy

You might think that since custom design lights have more features, and are better placed than other types of lights, they might consume a lot of energy and force you to pay hundreds of bucks in utility bills. This is just a misconception. These lights come armed with amazing technologies, including motion sensors that will switch them off when you leave the room, and automated systems which allow you to control them remotely. Also, these lights can sense any incoming light; hence they will automatically switch off and let you enjoy the rays from the sun, and they will only turn on when the darkness falls. This helps in reducing energy costs.

Trends in custom design lights for residential use

If you are thinking of revamping your home, then you need some custom design lights that will add glamour to its indoor or outdoor space. Here are some popular options that have taken the market by a storm you need to try.

Natural table lamps
The best way to make something look beautiful is by making them look natural. Therefore, if you want your home to be outstanding, then consider custom design lights that are made from materials that give them a natural look. These lights are often placed on tables, and they are made from wood and canvas to create an outstanding and unsophisticated design.

Geometric chandeliers
If you do not want to add lots of decorative features to your home, then geometric chandeliers will help develop the accent you want to add to your space. They are made with slim metal bars or wires and feature an open shading which brightens the whole space – a function that gives them the ability to make a small room appear larger.

Tree floor lamps
These are custom design lights that create a central light source that illuminates the whole space, and they contain intense and soft brightness options. They contain various bulb fixtures, some of which are contemporary and highly sophisticated.

Sculptured sconces
If you are looking for some lights that will not just brighten your living room, but also make it aesthetically appealing by adding some sculptured art pieces, then sculptured sconces are the best for your need. They come in an array of colours and styles that will certainly add some unique focal points in your vicinity.

Industrial pendant lights
Whether you are designing a new house or you need an overhaul makeover of your old residence, industrial pendant lights should be your all-time favourite. Most people prefer to install them in kitchens and dining areas, but adding them in your living room could be a judicious decision.

What makes this type of custom lighting trendy is the fact that it has been in the market for a long time, and it has never run of style, and it does not show signs of doing this anytime soon.

Are there top commercial custom design lighting trends?

Yes! Here are three commercial custom design lighting trends you should look out for in 2018.

Human-centric lighting

Human-centric lighting focuses on human health, productivity, decision-making, emotions, and concentration.
People are installing it in their commercial premises since it has been proven to boost focus automatically; thus increasing productivity and ultimately, sales will sales higher.
More often than not, you will find this type of lighting in learning institutions, since it is believed to increase the concentration of students; hence smoothening the learning process.

Custom design lights with sensors

Energy bills in your commercial premises can amount to thousands of dollars every month. Luckily, custom design lights have been armed with occupancy sensors, which automatically detect when lights are not in use and turn them off. They also feature daylight sensors, which turns off all lights whenever they detect natural light. This goes a long way in slashing your utility bills.

Easier and convenient daylight harvesting

Daylight harvesting is not a new term in the lighting industry. However, custom design lights are armed with systems that make this undertaking easier than it was in the past.
Daylight harvesting systems and light sensors in these lights dim or switch off the artificial light depending on the level of natural light penetrating into your commercial facility. This ensures that you get the light you need for optimum performance, whereas decreasing your energy usage.

The custom design lighting market is expanding each day. More stores in Melbourne are sprouting fast, and reputable stores such as Tida and Beacon lighting are striving to offer better technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

All in all, custom design lights are paving our way. They are not just offering lighting solutions; they are also escalating the value of homes and increasing profitability of businesses. These lights are the future – a human innovation that deserves recognition.

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A Primitive Technology That Can Never Be Obsolete: Wood Stoves

Wood Stoves – Creating an atmosphere with an ecological system.

During harsh winters, many people of Australia rely on wood fireplaces to keep their houses warm. Wood stoves are renewable sources, locally cultivated, and consistent product for everyone. Though, it serves best when used appropriately. None of us can forget the warmth of the wood fire on a chilly winter day. The atmosphere and warmness spread by the sound of the crackle of burning log while sitting with your friends and family over a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine is an experience which you cannot forget. The wood stoves have become quite popular in every Australian homes with their advanced features like style, and sleek and elegant designs. As they are practical to handle and efficient in usage, wood stoves are bona fide heating solutions for you. You can feel proud of yourself as you are saving energy resources by using wood stoves. One gets a thermal comfort with great balance in the ecological system.

Using a High Productive Wood Stove

It is essential to use an efficient wood stove to prevent high combustion. Your wood stove must have a baffle or shelves making hot gases to go more distance before they are out in open skies. It is done to make hot gases combust properly by giving them more space and time. One should use crisp dried wood available in winter season. The wood product you use should have twenty per cent of moisture in weight, more energy percentage than a fresh wood piece you cut. You should always prefer to keep the wooden logs in a stack in a sunny area and cover them. If you prefer to cut your wood logs by yourself, then please make it dry before you burn it in your stoves. Though guidelines suggest that one should let at least one full year for wood to dry or even two years. But a minimum of six months is a must before you use the wood.
You can use a wood stove efficiently and effectively by following certain precautions and keep in mind the points we have discussed. By following the steps you not only use the stove in the best manner for yourself but, you keep the air around your house clean as well. You save money and keep your and loved one’s lungs healthy.

Benefits of Having a Wood Stove in your House

Statistics reveal that over nine million Australians, rely on wood stoves to keep their home warm. There are many benefits of having a wood stove. Let’s consider few advantages of Woodstove:
One gets to experience affordable heating for their homes. You also get an excellent thermal comfort.
In rural and smaller towns of Australia, wood is the cheapest source of energy to keep houses warm in chilling winters.
The industry involved in wood stove has made a great contribution by providing over ten thousand jobs to people.
In the rural areas, you can get pieces of dry wood from your local fuel vendor at a lower price. When people choose to get their wood for their wood heater, only some transport cost and a woodcutter cost gets involve apart from your time.
An efficient and high-quality wood stove helps people of rural Australia to keep their homes warm in a money-saving manner.
If your house is warm during winters, you keep away diseases away from your family. Thus, wood stove also gives you significant health benefits.
In larger cities of Australia, people rely on electrical equipment to keep their houses warm and cozy, end up with high electricity bills and costly equipment and gadgets. So, the wood stove is a blessing for such people with a cheaper way to stay warm in their houses.
They are a good source of low greenhouse emissions. Thus, making them a lot beneficial.
Using wood from plantations and forests for your wood stoves help you to lower carbon discharge into the air.
By planting more trees to get their wood, you support erosion, wildlife, and preserving water.
By using wood to save more energy over using electrical appliances or any other fuel to supply heat around your home.

Places which Provide the Best Wood Stoves in Melbourne

We would have a look at top three choices for high-quality and great wood stove for the people of Melbourne.

1. Wignells Heating & Cooling- The company is owned by a reputable Australian family. The company provides the customers best and reliable wood stoves. In the market for over 60 years, it is one of the places where people go to get best and trending wood stoves and cooling appliances to suit your home needs. Their showroom in Abbotsford (Melbourne) is one of its kind where you get all wood stoves and heating equipment to suit your requirement.

2. Sneddon- One of the leading manufacturers of stylish and modern looking wood stoves for every household in Australia. The company promises quality with value for your hard-earned money. They have their workshop where many of the finest pieces get their crafting for consumers. You also get high-quality Australian timber under one roof. Their amazing costumer-oriented service records have made them stand among the top wood stoves manufacturers. Sneddon offers overs thirty years of pure experience in keeping every home warm and cozy with their excellent heating solutions.

3. Eureka Wood Heating- This company stands as a one-stop place for Australia’s high standard and low-discharge wood stoves destination. Due to excellent quality measures, powerfulness, and performances Eureka wood heating company has remarked in the industry. They are making great efforts in delivering great masterpieces for your houses and meeting your expectations as well. Over hundred and fifty dealers network working with the company has mastered the market in wood heating solutions for your homes.

Hope the article gives you insight knowledge about how wood stoves always remain an integral part of housewarming solutions. Using them in right way with correct dry wood can give you comfortable, warm home with saving money for you.

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